What is a shipwright?

Shipwright is a carpenter skilled in ship construction and repair.

Do you need any experience?

There is no experience needed.

Is boatbuilding difficult?

Boat-building is like a chain of small but easy tasks to fulfill. It’s nice way to learn many skills.

What kind of boats are build?

We build wooden boats, mostly pulling (rowing) boats and canoes. Sometimes we can make also a sailing boat during a longer project.

How big are the groups?

In general the number of people working on a boat is not more than eight. Usually those people do different tasks to realize the building of one boat.

Do I need special working clothes?

Just dress some old clothes that will be fine.

With what kind of wood are the boats build?

We use marine plywood and solid wood, such as oak, ash, maple and cedars.

What kind of tools do we need for boatbuilding?

We are building small boats and we use the basic woodworking tools like chisels, saws, drawknives, planes.

We also use electric tools like jigsaws, drills, routers and orbital sanders.

Do we need personal safety equipment?

Sometimes it’s necessary to use personal safety equipment. Particularly when you are working with electric tools. To protect you are eyes and ears for example, or gloves, for your hands during the painting.

We have this equipment available for every course.