How To Build A Lego Boat

Duration : 0:4:57

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25 Responses to “How To Build A Lego Boat”

  1. bearhaulin120 Says:

    gimmie those base …
    gimmie those base plates and ill make a ship as big as that but with guns !! >:D

  2. ilikepoyo Says:

    you have no life
    you have no life

  3. likinparkbigfan22 Says:

    thats a big butt …
    thats a big butt behind boat ! :D

  4. pshhhyeaitsme Says:


  5. Chriskw25 Says:

    NICE MAN AWSOME!! 5 out of 5*!@!!!!!

  6. legostowne Says:

    add a motor
    add a motor

  7. R33CE007 Says:

    omg it floted n its …
    omg it floted n its like a tun

  8. The911SONIC Says:

    big boats and the …
    big boats and the lil flat pice of lago could be a raft

  9. DarthLevi1 Says:


  10. manhattenhero Says:

    its sinking men …
    its sinking men over board!xD
    great job on the boat I’m trying that but then a little smaller

  11. manhattenhero Says:

    soo tru!
    soo tru!

  12. G0NZ0STaR Says:

    No matter your age, …
    No matter your age, legos will always be fun to play with.

  13. melissaburns1984 Says:

    nice i loved it i …
    nice i loved it i once built a boat like that i watched the whole video! : )

  14. miikke157 Says:

    fucking cool

  15. maddog147741 Says:

    1 problem there are …
    1 problem there are leaks in the bottom or the boats that are build like that… what else you got wonderboy

  16. silverhibou Says:

    i have been …
    i have been searching everywhere to find how to make a boat hull. but all ive found is a bunch of kids making boats that are nore like cars without wheels. except some like this guy and some people who can make decent boats.

  17. silverhibou Says:

    holy crap(i mean …
    holy crap(i mean that in a good way)

  18. ProjectEater Says:


  19. ferrarienzo97bgw Says:


  20. LegoOlof Says:


  21. runescapemanrox Says:

    uummmm didnt you …
    uummmm didnt you say in the title how to BUILD a lego boat

  22. sarailo Says:


  23. foopy6 Says:

    sick name!
    sick name!

  24. BassPedal2009 Says:

    i used hot glue and …
    i used hot glue and it worked great

  25. Isuckatpaintball2 Says:

    lol i made one …
    lol i made one like an aircraft carrier… and if you roll it over it just rolls back up LOL

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