How do you build a wind powered boat?

I need to build a wind powered boat by December 1st. If you could give me some instructions on how to build one, that would be great, or a website on how to build one would be great too. Thank you!
I need to build it by December 1st because I am going to enter it in a compitition. It not supposed to be a boat I’m going to get into and drive, it supposed to be a small remote control boat, powered by wind. Some of the things they are going to grade me on are how well the boat carries things and how well it can go on waves.


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  1. Warren W- a Mormon engineer Says:

    They are called "sailboats" and you can find plans everywhere. But why the hurry? Take your time and do it right. And it will be a real blessing to you and make you broke.
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  2. BobSpain Says:

    Hi Jesse,

    wind powered boats have been around for centuries and there must be hundreds of web sites available to help you. That is, if you want the wind to be used in the old-fashioned way of sailboats.

    If the design requirements are for a more modern (though probably less efficient) system whereby the wind is used to charge batteries, which are then used to turn a propellor to drive the boat, then you will need to search with a little more direction to avoid the sail boat information.

    If you need to build it by December 1st. You will need to get moving pretty quickly.

    Sail boat design, although varied, is pretty simple in design…so if that’s what you need, just start building. Whatever the merits of your particular design it should work, as he technology is very simple, very reliable and relies merely on wind filling a sail and pushing the craft forward. The sophistication comes in the steering, sail control and navigation of the boat, and will depend on the amount of money you have available and how sophisticated you need your boat.

    Good luck, but get started NOW!


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  3. oceanbunny Says:

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  4. Axelll Says:

    There are several types of sailboats, so check this special one. Ok, I would call it a hybrid (powered by an engine and the wind).
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