XXXX GOLD Boat Building Project – Glue

The XXXX GOLD Boat Building Project is underway and its making waves.

Tons of mates are getting together and building a boat. Follow the antics of other boat builders by registering for updates.

Watch heaps of boat building project updates, and plenty of other XXXX stuff, on our YouTube channel.

Show us what you’ve been up to from pictures of your meetings to videos of actual progress.

Search for xxxxgoldboat to get involved.

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5 Responses to “XXXX GOLD Boat Building Project – Glue”

  1. vbdenny Says:

    ahhh, and I was …
    ahhh, and I was expect a VB commercial.

  2. youdonttouch Says:

    he wants to have …
    he wants to have sex with him

  3. zdzichu94 Says:

    10/10 …


  4. xxxx Says:

    Mr Fourex could …
    Mr Fourex could probably find out for ya… I’d just need to know why you wanna know?

  5. aussierose08 Says:

    Does anyone know …
    Does anyone know who the guy is that answers the phone ?

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